Anahera Nopera is a main Cure that also appeared in the Happiness Charge Pretty Cure series. She is a Pretty Cure of New Zealand. Anahera has a strong will and wants to protect the ones she loves.

Her alter ego is Cure Rehua (キュアレフア Kyua Refua?), the Pretty Cure of skies. She is represented by stars.

General Information


Anahera is a young girl with a strong will. She can be very stubborn and thinks she is way stronger than she actually is. She transformed into Cure Rehua to free her friends and family from the Saiarks. Anahera sometimes forgets that others have feelings too.

After she was freed from the Pretty Cure Graveyard, she slightly changed. She now cares more about others and tries to help them too.


In civilian, Anahera has short and wavy, lawn green colored hair. She wears a white vest and a blue dress underneath. Around her neck, she has tied a dark green cloth. She wears dark boots. Her eyes are avocado green.

As Cure Rehua, her hair becomes longer, changes into a blonde color and is tied into twintails, held by a green pearl and pink cloth. She wears a black vest with a golden heart brooch and a white layer over it. Her collar is lime green. Under her heartbrooch is a low, lime green ribbon. Her skirt has two layers a lime green layer and a white underneath it. She wears white boots with some lime green details and golden trims. She wears her LovePreBrace on her right arm.


  • Whetū - Anahera's fairy partner and mascot.


Nopera (ノプエラ?) - Nopera is the Maori equivalent to the English word "noble".

Anahera (アナヘラ?) - Anahera means "angel" in Maori.[1]

Cure Rehua - Rehua is the god of the stars in the Māori mythology.[2]

Pretty Cure

"Pīataata whiti, māreikura nga whetu! "— Cure Rehua

Cure Rehua

"Sparkling shine, goddess of stars! Cure Rehua!"
Kirameku kagayaki hoshi no megami! Kyua Refua!

Cure Rehua (キュアレフア Kyua Refua?) is Anahera's Pretty Cure alter ego. She is represented by stars when transforming. Cure Refua is the Pretty Cure of skies. Anahera can individually transform by saying, "Kawarunrun! Pretty Cure Kururin Mirror Change!".

Rumba Rōpere




  • Her Cure speech is a reference to Smile Pretty Cure. Since it is similar to the Cures' speech.




The original character belongs to Toei Animation. The name and every information that stands on this page was created by FairySina. Actually it's unknown what her Cure name is and which country she comes from.