Angel's Voice (エンジェルズ ボイス Enjeruzu Boisu?) is Candyfloss Cradle's first main attack. She uses the Divine Violin. It is mostly used immediately after Cure Twinflower has transformed into Candyfloss Cradle.


Candyfloss Cradle first plays the strings in the order from E to G, and with each note, a different coloured sound wave emits from the violin. Her wings grow bigger, and - playing a fain, calm melody - she twirls, and feathers loosen from the wings. The feathers fan out, and brush against the Choiarks lightly. The choiarks turn white, and slump to the ground, having fallen asleep.



Dalecarlian: カワルンルン!
Nora: プリキュア くるりんミラー チェンジ!
Nora: キャンディフロース クレイドル!
Candyfloss Cradle:プリキュア エンジェルズ ボイス!


Dalecarlian: Kawarurnrun!
Nora: Purikyua Kururin Mirror Chenji!
Nora: Kyandifurōsu Kureidoru!
Candyfloss Cradle: Purikyua, Enjeruzu Boisu!


Dalecarlian: Time to change!
Nora: Rollin' Mirror Change!
Nora: Candyfloss Cradle!
Candyfloss Cradle: Pretty Cure, Angel's Voice!

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