Bettina Bauer is one of the main Cures of Flower Maiden Pretty Cure!. Bettina is a young girl, who loves and knows almost every kind of music. Her father has a music store and she often spends time there. She is Claudia's best friend since childhood.

Her alter ego is Cure Rechen (キュアレヘン Kyua Rehen?) and her theme color is red. She is represented by daisies. She can change into two alternate forms, Cupcake Medley (カップケーキメドレー Kappukēki Medorē?) and Pancake Remix (パンケーキリミックス Pankēki Rimikkusu?).

General Information


Cure Rechen has rust colored hair that is styled downwards with two side braids joining at the back and held by a daisy. Her eyes are red. Cure Rechen wears a red Dirndl that consists of a black bodice, a white blouse and a red apron. She wears black shoes and wears her Love PreBrace on her left arm. Cure Rechen wears some daisy earrings.




  • Amelie Bayer - Amelie is a good friend of Bettina. Amelie sometimes calls her "Buffy".
  • Claudia Gunther - Claudia is Bettina's best friend since childhood.
  • Franziska Haas - Franziska is one of Bettina's good friends. They both share their love for music.
  • Jessika Mayer - Jessika is one of Bettina's classmates, who is also one of her Pretty Cure partners.


Bauer (バウエル?) - The name Bauer cames from Middle High German bur or bure meaning "peasant, farmer".[1]

Bettina (ベッティナ?) - Bettina is a diminutive of Elisabeth[2]
Buffy (バフィー?) - Buffy is another diminutive of Elisabeth, from a child's pronunciation of the final syllable. It is now associated with the main character from the television series 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' (1997-2003).[3]

Cure Rechen (キュアレヘン?) - Rechen is the German word for "rake". Her Pretty Cure alter ego is based on the Second Quarter (The "Franconian Rake") of the coat of arms of Bavaria[4].

Pretty Cure

Cure Rechen

"Red flower blooming on the beautiful land! Cure Rechen!"
Kireina daichi-jō ni aka hana no saku! Kyua Rehen!

Cure Rechen (キュアレヘン Kyua Rehen?) is Bettina's Pretty Cure Alter Ego. She is represented by daisies. She transforms by saying Kawarunrun! Pretty Cure Kururin Mirror Change!. She uses a PreChanMirror to transfom.

Cupcake Medley

Cupcake Medley (カップケーキメドレー Kappukēki Medorē?) is one of the form changes, Cure Rechen can use.

Pancake Remix

Pancake Remix (パンケーキリミックス Pankēki Rimikkusu?) is one of the form changes, Cure Rechen can use.

Lovely Gingerbread Jingle Bells


  • Funkelnder Blüten Traum (フンケルンダー ブルテン トラウム Funkerundā Buruten Toraumu?, translated to Sparkling Blossom Dream) - Cure Rechen's solo finisher. She needs her LovePreBrace for it.


"Kawarunrun! Pretty Cure Kururin Mirror Change!" - Kawarunrun! Pretty Cure Kururin Mirror Change! is the official transformation phrase used by Bettina Bauer in Flower Maiden Pretty Cure!.