This are all the Pretty Cures that appeared in Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!.

Japanese Pretty Cures

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!
Hapinesu Chāji Purikyua!
Personal Info

The Japanese team is called Happiness Charge Pretty Cure and consists from 4 Cures and 2 fairies. The team fights in Pikarigaoka. The members are Cure Lovely, Cure Princess, Cure Honey and Cure Fortune. There was also a fifth Cure, Cure Tender, Cure Fortune's sister. But she was defeated by Phantom the Pretty Cure Hunter. The fairies are Ribbon and Glasan. Their theme is dancing, food and mirrors.
Cure Lovely, the pink and lead Cure of the team, has the power of love and is represented by hearts. Her civilian name is Aino Megumi. She has two change forms. Those are called Cherry Flamenco and Lollipop Hip Hop.
Cure Princess, the blue Cure, has the power of courage and is represented by Circles, the Moon, the Sun and Feathers. Her civilian name is Shirayuki Hime. She has two change forms. Those are called Sherbet Ballet and Macadamia Hula Dance.
Cure Honey, the yellow Cure, has the power of kindness and is represented by clovers. Her civilian name is Omori Yuuko. She has two change forms. Those are called Popcorn Cheer and Coconuts Samba.
Cure Fortune, the purple Cure, has the power of stars and is represented by stars. Her civilian name is Hikawa Iona. She has two change forms. Those are Pine Arabian and Anmitsu Komachi.

Their team attack is called Happiness Big Bang.

American Pretty Cures

Bomber Girls Pretty Cure

Bomber Girls Pretty Cure
Bonbā Gāruzu Purikyua
Personal Info

The American team is called Bomber Girls Pretty Cure and consists from 3 Cures. The team fights in Texas. The pink Cure has orange eyes, a curly blonde ponytail, bangs and two small, rounded, short hair pieces that hang to her cheeks and wears a little brown and pink cowboy hat accessory, along with pink diamond-shaped earrings. Her outfit consists of a pink popped collar with a golden heart in the middle on top of a black and gold vest, with pale yellow cowboy-like frills. Her arm warmers are white and frilly with pink bows on the top, along with her LovePreBrace on her left wrist. She wears a brown and gold belt on her waist on top of a pink skirt with more cowboy-like frills, with pale pink wings on her back. On her legs she wear long, knee-high brown socks and brown shoes with black shoelaces.

The blue Cure has blue eyes, freckles, light red curly pigtails, a short curly hair piece that hangs from her forehead and 2 more hair pieces on the sides that hang past her chin. She wears 2 yellow star accessories in her hair, along with a large, brown cowboy hat with another yellow star in the middle with blue diamond-shaped earrings. Her outfit consists of a blue neckerchief on top of a black and gold vest with pale yellow cowboy-like frills and a golden heart in the middle. Her sleeves are puffy and white with a yellow star on each. Her arm warmers are dark blue and she wears her LovePreBrace on her left wrist. She has pale blue wings on her back, along with a light brown skirt with pale yellow cowboy-like frills at the bottom and white knee high shoes with blue rims at the top. She seems to be the leader of the group.

The yellow Cure has green eyes, long, loose silver hair with long side hair pieces that hang down past her chin, with a brown headband and a white feather with a lighter brown tip in her hair with green diamond-shaped earrings. Her outfit consists of a small, yellow popped collar on top of a black and gold vest with pale yellow cowboy-like frills and a golden heart in the middle, along with a green bow tied to it from the bottom. She has short, white sleeves while her wrist bands are light brown with long, cowboy-like frills, along with her LovePreBrace on her left wrist. She wears a yellow, frilly skirt, short, white shoes with cowboy-like frills and has white wings on her back.

Their group attack is called Star Boomerang.

Indian Pretty Cures

Wonderful Net Pretty Cure

Wonderful Net Pretty Cure
Wandafuru Netto Purikyua
Personal Info

The Indian team that is called Wonderful Net Pretty Cure and consists from 2 Cures. The orange Cure has orange eyes and she also has short orange hair tied up and a yellow head scarf. She has a green jewel head accessory on her head she wears a golden oval earrings, she also has white collars and wears the same black vest like the other Pretty Cures, a golden heart is attached at her chest with "bling-bling" hanging, her skirt is orange and has loose golden blings hanging around her waist, she wears a pair of white sandals with a white band on both legs, she has a yellowish wristbands on her right arm while her LovePreBrace is on her left wrist She has a yellowish wing behind her and she wears a glasses. The green Cure has a green eyes and has a long up-tight green hair and has an orange jewel that makes the short white head scarf with gold blings Hang, she also has an orange jewel on her forehead, she wears a golden circular earrings she also wears a golden necklace, she wears a black vest with a golden heart attached on her chest and has a golden blings hanging, her vest has a thick yellow lining and also has a golden blings attached at the end of her vest, she has Armbands on her both arms with a golden lining under, she only wears one warmer on her right arm and doesn't have any at the left but her LovePreBrace, her skirt is green and is consist of two parts: the first skirt is short and is slightly darker and the other is long and has a lighter color, she wears a pair of white sandals with white bands on both legs with a orange or yellow ribbon in front, she has a yellowish wings on her back .

Their group attack is Optical Wave. Their theme is technology.


  • They seem to be a duo.

French Cure

Cure Aile
Kyua Aaru
Personal Info

The only known Pretty Cure from France is Cure Aile. She fights in Paris. She has 2 pink hair accessory on her head one is a crown-like headdress and one is a light pink feather, she has a light pink clover earrings, her sleeves are puffy attached to her black vest, a golden heart is attached at her chest with pink ribbons and her vest has two yellow ribbons with white feathery-like design, her skirt is layered with pink, light pink and white skirt and has a darker pink ribbons, her warmers are almost reaching her sleeves and has a yellow lining with a yellow ribbon she has her LovePreBrace on her left wrist, she wears a white high boots with pink ribbon and her wings are pinkish and is attached at her back.

Her weapon is a giant paintbrush with red ribbon. Her attack is Pinceau Arc-en-ciel.

Egyptian Cure

Cure Nile
Kyua Nairu
Personal Info
HomeplaceSahara desert

Cure Nile is the only known Cure from Africa, and is originated from Egypt. She has blue hair in a ponytail she has a crown that embraces her whole head with a blue gem and a yellowish transparent cloth is hanging. She has blue collar she has a black vest that has a white design, her vest is shorter that her stomach was seen and attached to her vest are long puffy sleeves , she white wears a skirt-like with a golden lining which forms a "V" and a yellow cloth is hanging in front she also has a transparent loose yellowish leggings, she has a yellow pair of sandals.

Her attack is Nile Stream. She lost to Phantom and is now trapped in a mirror.

Hawaiian Pretty Cures

Aloha Pretty Cure
Aro~ha Purikyua
Personal Info

"The two lights sparkling in the southern lands! Aloha Pretty Cure!"

The Hawaiian team is called Aloha Pretty Cure and consists from 2 Cures and one fairy. The Pretty Cures are the twin sisters Ohana and Orina, who transform into Cure Sunset and Cure Wave and are aided by the fairy Aloalo . Their attack is Hawaiian Lino Ahua , which can translate to "Hawaiian Grand Dazzle".

"The red setting sun is a vow for tomorrow, Cure Sunset!"

Cure Sunset has orange hair with a white and reddish-orange flower on her head, her hair is a loose pony tail and she also has a white flower clip on her left side of her head, she also has a white pair of flower earrings. In her Pretty Cure form she doesn't have any sleeves, her vest is worn as her tube with a thick orange lining, she has an orange collar connected to it and is the golden emblem of the Pretty Cures in HCPC then hangs an orange cloth. Below her tube is the white cloth. Her skirt is orange and is long and flowy, she wears a pair of orange sandals with a white flower. She wears a flower wristbands instead of warmers and her wings are green.

"The eternal melody of the rhythmic splashes, Cure Wave!"

Cure Wave has turquoise hair kept in twin buns held by with 2 white flowers with a golden strap hanging down from them. She also wears a pair of golden clips on both side of her front hair to carry her bangs, she has blue collars and her vest is worn as a tube with a darkish blue lining connected to her collar is the golden heart with a blue cloth hanging. Below her cloth is a white cloth. She has light blue skirt and it is short and flowy she wears a pair of blue sandals with a white flower in front she also has a pair of light blue bands on her legs, she also wears a flower wristbands instead of warmers.

Defeated Pretty Cures

Some Pretty Cures who were defeated by Phantom, the Pretty Cure Hunter. Those were: