The Pretty Cures (プリキュア Purikyua?) is the term to describe females in the Pretty Cure series that obtain the power to transform into warriors. Usually, the main protagonists are the true Pretty Cures, as some antagonists have either transformed into Pretty Cures before, or they have created Dark Pretty Cures to oppose the real Pretty Cures.

In each season, at least two girls recieve the power to transform into Pretty Cure after meeting a small mascot, which is a fairy-like creature who are the ones who find said Pretty Cure. Before, Pretty Cures had to transform and attack, but later on, it changed; however some Cures still transform and attack together.

Pretty Cure can be used for one Pretty Cure or more, but commonly the wiki uses Cures and Cure to shorten it. Another way of using it is to describe a Pretty Cure team with Cure or Cures (ex. Flower Maiden Cures).

Each season takes place in different universes with different Pretty Cures (except sequels). In the All Stars movies, all Cures are in the same universe and join together.

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