Come On!! Pretty Cure (カモン!!プリキュア Kam On!! Purikyua?) is a Pretty Cure team, created by Cure Lucky which is set in the same universe as Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!. The series' motifs are based on fashion, desserts, form changes and sky. It takes place in Astana, Kazakhstan.


Pretty Cure

Amangeldinova Zhuldysai (ジャルディサイ・アメインジルディノバー Amangerudinoba Jurudisai?)/Cure Sholpan (キュアショルパン Kyua Shorupan?)
A 14 year old kind, cheerful and very peace-loving girl who can sometimes be clumsy. She hates conflicts and fights, so tries to settle peace whenever and wherever it's needed. As Cure Sholpan, her standard signature color is blue, and she can change into two alternate forms: white Cream Baroque (クリームバロック Kurīmu Barokku?) and black and neon blue Chocolate Electro (チョコレートエレクトロ Chokorēto Erekutoro?). She is represented by sky, the Moon and stars.

Altynbek Saule (サウレ・アルティンベック Arutinbekku Saure?)/Cure Nur (キュアナル Kyua Nuru?)
A 14 year old cheerful, generous and energetic girl that comes from a very rich family. Being optimistic, she is always looking for happiness and likes to bring fun and joy wherever she goes. As Cure Nur, her standard signature color is yellow, and she can change into two alternate forms: orange Marmalade Swing (マーマレードスイング Māmarēdo Suingu) and pink Bubblegum Pop (バブルガムポップ Baburugamu Poppu?). She is represented by the Sun. 

Askar Zhansaya (ジャンサヤ・アスカー Asukā Jansaya?)/Cure Kanat (キュアキャナット Kyua Kanatto?)
A 14 year old loud, independent transferred student from Pavlodar who is not afraid to confront and stan up for her own rights. She is proud, sometimes rude but quite loyal and is always there to save the day. As Cure Kanat, her standard signature color is purple, and she can change into two alternate forms: ??? and ???. She is represented by feathers and an eagle.





  • Coincidentally, each Cure of the team has a last name that starts with the letter "A".
    • Plus, both Zhuldysai and Zhansaya share the same initials: Z.A. or A.Z.