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Hey everyone! This is Cure Wiki! I will help you with creating your Pretty Cure Team. And since this is based on Happiness Charge Pretty Cure's style, there are some interesting details. Let's get to them first!


Cure Outfit

Cure Wiki

So, this is my character design. The Happiness Charge Pretty Cure design is pretty easy and you can vary some details. But my outfit is mostly based on the Happiness Charge Cures, like Cure Lovely or Cure Princess.

As you can think, the most important part is the black vest. Every Cure has it. Though it looks different in some teams, all have them. You can draw them as normal vests - like here - or different. Best examples for it are the International Pretty Cure Teams from the season.

Then I'd say important to note is the ribbon under the golden heart. It can be anything, a bow, a tie... But you don't have to add them. It's your decision!

The boots are not that important to note, but all Japanese Cures have white boots with a golden trims and ribbons - like I have. Just look.

The last important things are the hair ornaments. Just add the symbol, your Cure is represented by. Or more than only one! At last, but not least, comes the LovePreBrace and your PreChanMirror. If your Cure uses one, add them!



Now to the mascots. Here is my little friend. His name is Button. All I can tell you is, that their name is often based on something they wear like, ribbons, buttons, flowers, etc. They look all pretty similar, except for the colors. I also can tell you that females all wear a dress and a necklace, like Ribbon-san.


Like in almost all animes, the Cure's name need to have a meaning. It would be best if their names would have a meaning that is connected to their power, like Ai (?), if your Cure has the power of Love. Or Hana (?) if it is flower related! Those are only japanese examples. But if your team is non-japanese, then you need to use other words, of course.

Creating a Page

Here are some helpful things, you should add to a character page!


Describe your character's personality!


What does your character look like?

Cure Alter Ego

If applicable, describe their Pretty Cure Alter ego.


Add any special quotes from stories and such can go here.


Share some neat facts, be it from their development or just quirks of their character!