Personal Info
SeasonsShining Miracle Pretty Cure
Eye ColorDark turqouse
HomeplaceBlue Sky Kingdom
Dalekarlian is the main mascot of Shining Miracle Pretty Cure. She is considerate, and very modest. No matter what feats she does, she always manages to play it off as either someone else did it, and she didn't do much, or she switches subject. She dislikes her name, because she thinks it's hard to pronounce, and way too long. Because of this, Dalekarlian does usually introduce herself as Darlian (ダーリアン Dārian?). She does usually end her sentences with "~lian".


Dalecarlian can summon shields by shouting Lucky Baton (ラッキー バトン Rakkī Baton?). Ontop of this she can produce PreCards from her backpack, as well as sensing a Saiark's prescience. She does also have an almost unnatural sense of intuition.


Dalecarlian looks a lot like most other mascots in the Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! universe, in terms of bodyshape. She wears a red dress, and wears a ribbon on the back of her head in the smame colour, with a pink(-ish) flower in the middle. Around her neck, she wears a similar necklace to most other mascots in the universe.The gem on her necklace is in the same colour as the flower on her ribbon, and has a silver frame. She carries an orange backpack-like thing on her back. Her eyes are dark turqouse, and the spiral-marking-thingy on her forehead is golden blonde.


Dalecarlian is mostly really mature, but at times, she changes completely, and gets like a spoiled child. She is also usually really modest, either turning the glory over to someone else, or completely changes the subject.



Dalekarlian (ダレカーリアン?): The word 'Dalecarlian' isn't the name of an accessory, but rather a (usually) small, decorative wooden horse, which is strongly associated with Sweden.[1]



  • Her eyes are supposed to be the same as Ribbon's, Glasan's and the others, but when Sweetangel823 coloured her, the eyes creeped her out big time, so she had to change the eyes in some way.