The Divine Violin (ディバインバイオリン Dibainbaiorin?) is Cure Twinflower's attack item as of Episode 23. She used a LovePreBrace previously, but it broke when Cure Twinflower exhausted herself and her powers too much. The Divine Violin allows her to preform Rising Aspiration in her normal form, Graceful Tune as Chocolate Classical, and Angel's Voice as Candyfloss Cradle.


The Divine Violin is pretty much in the same shape as a normal violin, and the thing that differs the most, is the colouration and the strings. The base of the violin is in a shimmery pink (with shimmery meaning it has a similar attribut to pearlescent but only in different shades of pink), and is darker to the middle of the base. The borders and chinrest, as well as the stand, are golden. The neck of the violin and the bridge is dark purple. The strings are thicker than a normal violin, and are in different colours. The G-string is purple, the D-string is pink, the A-string is Violet, and the E-string is blue.



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