Flower Maiden Pretty Cure!
フラワー メイデン プリキュア!
Furawā Meiden Purikyua!
General Information
Created onMarch 2014
Opening SongFlower Maiden Pretty Cure! Miracle Go!
Ending SongShining Miracle Party
Series Information

Flower Maiden Pretty Cure! (フラワー メイデン プリキュア! Furawā Meiden Purikyua!?, Blumenmädchen Pretty Cure!) is a Pretty Cure team, created by FairySina. The series is set in the same world and year as Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!. The series' motifs are based on flowers.

Note: The Cure names are written the english way with first names first.


Flower Maiden Pretty Cure! was started after FairySina watched the 8th episode of Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!. She started to create the first German Cure, based on her home, which is in the south of Germany; Bavaria. Later, the Flower Maiden Pretty Cure! was revealed to become a series on Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! thread page. It was also revealed that this season will have 5 Cures. The first three Cure have been already designed. The last two weren't shown until April 7, 2014.




Amelie Bayer (バイエルアメリー Baieru Amerī?)
Amelie is a hyperactive young girl, who loves flowers. In fact, her family owns a flower shop. She often helps out and knows very much about them. Her favorite flower is the blue rose. Her alter ego is Cure Raute (キュアラウテ Kyua Raute?) and her theme colors are light blue and white. She is represented by diamonds. She can change into two alternate forms, Ice Cream Ballad (アイスクリームバラード Aisu Kurīmu Barādo?) and Pudding Symphony (プディングシンフォニー Pudingu Shinfonī?).

Bettina Bauer (ベッティナバウエル Bettina Baueru?)
Bettina is a young girl, who loves and knows almost every kind of music. Her father has a music store and she often spends time there. She is Claudia's best friend since childhood. Her alter ego is Cure Rechen (キュアレヘン Kyua Rehen?) and her theme color is red. She is represented by daisies. She can change into two alternate forms, Cupcake Medley (カップケーキメドレー Kappukēki Medorē?) and Pancake Remix (パンケーキリミックス Pankēki Rimikkusu?).

Claudia Gunther (グンテルクラウディア Gunteru Kuraudia?)
Claudia is nice and self-aware young girl, who dreams of becoming a famous fashion designer. She has already designed some clothes, like all the things she wears or her younger cousin wears. She would love to design something for her best friend, Bettina, someday. Her alter ego is Cure Panther (キュアパンテル Kyua Panteru?) and her theme color is blue. She is represented by stars. She can change into two alternate forms, Peach Rock'n' Roll (ピーチロックンロール Pīchi Rokkunrōru?) and Strawberry Swing (ストロベリースウィング Sutoroberī Suu~ingu?).

Franziska Haas (ハースフランジスカ Hāsu Furanjisuka?)
Franziska is a energetic young girl, who is very smart. Though she hates it and very rare studies, she is very good at school. Similar to Bettina, Franzsika is very interested in music. Her alter ego is Cure Löwe (キュアロエベ Kyua Roebe?) and her theme color is yellow. She is represented by a clef. She can change into two alternate forms, Apple Blues (アップルブルース Appuru Burūsu?) and Lemon Rumba (レモンルンバ Remon Runba?).

Jessika Mayer (マイエルイエッシカ Maieru Iesshika?)
Jessika is a calm and friendly young girl, whose family just moved to Munich. Jessika grew up in Augsburg and has still some friends there. She tries to stay connected with them. But she also found a new friend, Amelie. Her alter ego is Cure Schwaben (キュアシュヴァーベン Kyua Shuvuāben?) and her theme color is black. She is represented by buttercups. She can change into two alternate forms, Donut Tango (ドーナツタンゴ Dōnatsu Tango?) and Cookie Waltz (クッキーワルツ Kukkī Warutsu?).


Blümchen (ブルームチェン Burūmuchen?)
Blümchen is the mascot partner of the Flower Maiden Pretty Cures. She comes from the Blue Sky Kingdom and loves nature. She is sometimes a bit hyperactive and hates laziness. She ends her sentences with "~chen".


Blue (ブルー Burū?)
Blue is the spiritual being of Earth, who doesn't help the Cures here very much. He stays with the Japanese Pretty Cures and helps them more and gives them more attention than other Cures. That's why, the German Pretty Cures don't like him.

Phantom Empire

Pandora (パンドラ Pandora?)
The main villian of the Flower Maiden Pretty Cure!. She was originally one of the generals of Phantom Empire, but later started to lead by herself.

Gabby (ギャビー Gyabī?)
A villian that bonds with Pandora and attacks the Flower Maiden Pretty Cures.

Trugbild (ツルグビルド Tsurugubirudo?)
Trugbild is one of the Villians that attack the Pretty Cures. His name means "Mirage", "Illusion" or "Delusion" in German.

Wolf (ウルフ Urufu?)
A villian that does not appear before Episode 15.

Minor Characters

Leona Bayer (バイエル レオナ Baieru Leona?)
Leona is Amelie's mother.

Benno Bayer (バイエル ベンノ Baieru Benno?)
Benno is Amelie's father.

Nele Bauer (バウエル ネレ Baueru Nere?)
Nele is Bettina's younger sister.

Pauline Bauer (バウエル パウリーネ Baueru Paurīne?)
Pauline is Bettina and Nele's mother.

Rudi Bauer (バウエル ルディ Baueru Rudi?)
Rudi is Bettina and Nele's father.

Alex Gunther (グンテル アレックス Gunteru Arekkusu?)
Alex is Claudia's elder brother.

Saskia Gunther (グンテル サスキア Gunteru Sasukia?) & Jörg Gunther (グンテル イェルク Gunteru I~eruku?)
Claudia and Alex' parents.

Cordula Haas (ハース コルヅラ Hāsu Korudzura?)
Cordula is Franzsika's mother.

Achim Haas (ハース アヒム Hāsu Ahimu?)
Achim is Franziska's grandfather.

Elena Mayer (マイエル エレナ Maieru Erena?) & Erika Mayer (マイエル エリカ Maieru Erika?)
The twins, Elena and Erika are Jessika's younger siblings.

Miriam Mayer (マイエル ミリアム Maieru Miriamu?) & Max Mayer (マイエル マックス Maieru Makkusu?)
Miriam and Max are Jessika, Elena and Erika's parents.

Izumi Yoshida (吉田 いずみ Yoshida Izumi?)
Izumi is a young girl, whose family moves from Japan to Germany in the series.

Thomas Müller (ムラー トーマス Murā Tōmasu?)

Karo Auttenberger (アウッテンベルゲル カロ Auttenberugeru Karo?)
Karo is a good friend of Amelie's. She appears in Episode 15 for the first time. It revealed that she is also a Pretty Cure. But she refuses to join the Flower Maiden Pretty Cure! team.

International Cures

International Pretty Cures
In one episode, a Pretty Cure from Japan will appear. Her name is Cure Shining Spark.


  • Munich (ミュンヘン Myunhen?) is the main location of this season. All Cures live there. The story plays in the Altstadt-Lehel district.
  • Augsburg (アウクスブルク Aukusuburuku?) is the town, Jessika's family comes from.



  • Though all the Cures use a PreChanMirror, no Cure shows them on their profile pictures or after transformation.
  • The reason why the character was brought into the series is probably the fact that "Thomas Müller" is one of the most typical German names.
  • All five Cures are based on the Coat of arms of Bavaria.