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Flower Maiden Pretty Cure: The Fight in Pikarigaoka (フラワーメイデンプリキュア:ぴかりが丘で戦う Furawā Meiden Purikyua: Pikarigaoka de tatakau?) is a little crossover between FairySina's Flower Maiden Pretty Cure! and last week's 46th episode of Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!


The five girls from Munich were just enjoying the december evening. It was snowing outside and Amelie and Bettina had just built a snowman. But then Blümchen appeared. She wasn't alone. With her was Karo and Bärchen. The three told them that the Pretty Cures is Japan could need serious help. So they decided to help them and traveled to Pikarigaoka.


Flower Maiden Main

Flower Maiden Minor

Happiness Charge Main

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