Graceful Step (グレースフル ステップ Gurēsufuru Suteppu?) is Chocolate Classical's first main attack. She uses her LovePreBrace. It is mostly used immediately after Cure Twinflower has transformed into Candyfloss Cradle.


Chocolate Classical taps the rainbow button on her PreBrace with her index finger, and it shines brightly in purple. She takes a few graceful step in a circle, before stopping where she started, and drawing a glowing purple circle around herself with her right foot. She raises her left arm, and the ring grows into a rolling wave of light, which crashes over the surrounding Choiarks. The Choiarks turn white.



Dalecarlian: カワルンルン!
Nora: プリキュア くるりんミラー チェンジ!
Nora: チョックロト クラシカル!
Candyfloss Cradle:プリキュア グレースフル ステップ


Dalecarlian: Kawarurnrun!
Nora: Purikyua Kururin Mirror Chenji!
Nora: Chokuroto Kurashikkaru!
Candyfloss Cradle: Purikyua, Gurēsufuru Suteppu!


Dalecarlian: Time to change!
Nora: Rollin' Mirror Change!
Nora: Chocolate Classical
Candyfloss Cradle: Pretty Cure, Graceful Step!

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