Hop, Step, Jump, Precure! (ホップステップジャンププリキュア!Hoppu, Suteppu, Janpu Purikyua!) is a team created by Peggy Whynowhy. The team is from a large city in The United States. The cures motifs are Flowers and Dance/Ballet.



Emma Stewart (エマスチュワート Ema Suchuwāto)

Emma is calm and quiet and likes gardening. She helps out in a community garden after school, which is across the street from Michelle's Dance Studio. Her alter ego is Cure Flora (キュアフローラ Kyua Furōra) and her theme color is Green.

Michelle Moyer (ミシェルモイヤー Misheru Moiyā)

Hsjpc 001

Michelle is Emma's Precure Partner. She goes to a Dance Studio after school. Her alter ego is Cure Poise (キュアポイズ Kyua Poizu) and her theme color is red.


Bowtan (ボータン Bōtan)

Bowtan is the Precure's mascot. He wears a bowtie around his neck. He tries his best as a mascot but sometimes over reacts to situations.


  • The name for this series was inspired by a song on the second DokiDoki Precure Vocal Album. This song is also the opening.
  • Michelle is a Black Precure, mostly due to the fact Toei hasn't made any themselves yet.