The Innocent Forms of Flower Maiden Pretty Cure! are pretty different that the from Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!. The Flower Maiden Cures do not wear a ribbon under the golden heart. They all wear a short, white jacket and more things are different. To get into their Innocent Forms, the Cures use the Golden Heart Crown.


Cure Raute


Innocent Cure Raute

Cure Raute is the third Cure to access her Innocent Form, and activates it in Episode TBA. In this form, she wears a white dress with a white jacket over it. The jacket is closed with the golden heart brooch. She is wearing a blue belt with a golden button on it. She wears white gloves and white boots with blue ribbons. Her hair is tied into a braid, hodl by a white ribbon. She has light blue wings that look like a big ribbon. Her attack item is a haro-like item, which she uses to preform Miracle Enchantment, and along with the Goldene Herz Krone.

  • Mircale Enchantment (ミラクルエンチャント Mirakuru Enchanto?, Wunder Verzauberung in German) - Cure Raute's attack.

Cure Rechen

Cure Panther

Cure Löwe

Cure Schwaben