Karo Auttenberger is a Pretty Cure in Flower Maiden Pretty Cure!. Karo is a good friend of Amelie's. She appears in Episode 15 for the first time. It revealed that she is also a Pretty Cure. But she refuses to join the Flower Maiden Pretty Cure! team. Her mascot's name is Bärchen.


Auttenberger (アウッテンベルゲル?) - Auttenberger comes from Auttenberg, which possibly means "dweller at Ealdwine's hill" from the Germanic name Ealdwine meaning "old friend" and berg meaning "hill, mountain".[1]

Karo (カロ?) - Karo is a German word that means "check" or "diamond". It's also another word for Raute, which is Amelie's Pretty Cure Alter Ego. Both, Karo and Raute, mean "diamond".

Cure Blüte

"The little blossom of the flower field! Cure Blüte!"
Ko sakura no hana no fīrudo! Kyua Buryūte!

Cure Blüte (キュアブリューテ Kyua Buryūte?) is Karo's Pretty Cure alter ego. Karo is the only Cure in Flower Maiden Pretty Cure!, who doesn't join the team. She fights alone against Wolf. As Cure Blüte, Karo has blonde hair, which is tied into a braided ponytail and has pink eyes. Cure Blüte wears a light pink Dirndl that consists of a black bodice, a light pink blouse and a pink apron. She wears dark pink shoes and wears her Love PreBrace on her left arm and a pink glove on her right arm. Besides of her LovePreBrace, Cure Blüte also uses her May Stab.