Louise Anderssen
アンダーセン ルイーズ
Andāsen Ruīzu)
Personal Info
SeasonsShining Miracle Pretty Cure
Blood TypeA
Height160 cm
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorGreen
FamilyYounger sister
Voice Actor(s)Swedish: TBA
English: TBA
Japanese: TBA
Louise is a minor character in Shining Miracle Pretty Cure. She is Nora's elder sister. She is really smart, and Nora is said to resemble her a lot.




Louise is, like the rest of her family, quite short, and a brunette. She has a clear green eyecolour, on the contrary to the rest of her family's greyish green. She is good at picking clothes and doing makeup, and knows exactly what works and what doesn't work on her. She does usually keep her long, straight hair in a side ponytail.

Cure Family



Louise is very protective and affectionate, which she demonstrates several times during the series run, the major times when she uses Nora's PreChanMirror to transform and protect said girl, and when she distracts Olycka from severely hurting her family by throwing a rock (and hitting) at her. She's also really brave. Much like Nora, she is able to learn things quickly and has very high grades, and has had that for as long as she can remember.

Pretty Cure

Cure Family

"The elder sibling is to care for the younger! Cure Family!"
Nenchō no kyōdai wa, yangā no sewa o suru kotodesu! Kyua Famirī!

Louise becomes a Pretty Cure temporarily using Nora's PreChanMirror  in episode 22. This is the only time she transforms. The uniform she has is similar to Nora's, but she uses a LovePreBrace instead of the Divine Violin. It is unknown if she has any form-changes, and if she does, they are never shown.


  • Family Reunion (ファミリー リユニオン Famirī Riyunion?) - Cure Family's only known finisher. She uses her LovePreBrace to preform it.

  • Family Spark (ファミリー スパーク Famirī Supāku?) - Cure Family's palm shines brightly in pink, and she makes a waving motion with it, and the light flies in the direction she waved in. It explodes on impact.
  • Lovin' bonds (ラヴィン ボンズ Ravu~in Bonzu?) - WIP


"Kawarunrun! Pretty Cure Kururin Mirror Change!" - Kawarunrun! Pretty Cure Kururin Mirror Change! is assumed to be the transformation phrase used by Nora Anderssen in Shining Miracle Pretty Cure, as her transformation is never shown.





Anderssen (アンダーセン?) - Anderssen is a variant of Anderson, which means "Son of Andrew"[1]
Louise (ルイーズ?) - Louise means "Renowned warrior"[2].



  • She is the first one to figure out that Nora is a Pretty Cure.
  • She is considered one of the more bad-ass characters of this season for several reasons.
    • In one of the episodes, when Olycka attacks her family with a Saiark, Louise saves her and Nora's parents lives by hitting Olycka with a rather big rock.
    • Later in the season, in Episode 22, when Nora loses her powers temporarily, Louise uses her PreChanMirror, and saves the day.
      • In the final scene of this episode, after Nora realizes it's Louise who saved her, she comments on Cure Family's speech, asking if that was the best she could come up with. Louise blushes out of embarrassment, and scratches her chin.