Miah White (ホワイトミア Howaito Mia?) is one of the main Cures in KiraKira Night Pretty Cure!. Miah is a creative and lovable young girl who lived in Alice Springs before moving to Southfalls to stay close to Elyshia Walker. She loves horses and gazing at the stars at night. Her alter ego is Cure Moonbeam (キュアムーンビーム Kyua Mūnbīmu?) and her standard signature colour is lavender. She is represented by the moon. She can change into two alternative forms, Country Pavlova (カントリー·パブロバ Kantorī Paburoba?) and Candy Rhythm (キャンディーリズム Kyandī Rizumu?).


General Information





Sophie White - Sophie is Miah's mother.

Jackson White - Jackson is Miah's father.


Elyshia Walker - Elyshia is Miah's first friend at Southfalls and is her Pretty Cure partner. She is very close with her and can annoy Elyshia at times.

Orna - Orna is Miah's mascot partner, as well as Elyshia's.


White (ホワイト?) - A descriptive or nickname given to a person with very light hair or complexion, from the Middle English "whit," meaning "white." The name may be also local, derived from the Isle of Wight, on the coast of Hampshire.
In addition, some Whites originally were Wights, from the Anglo-Saxon "wiht" meaning valiant.

Miah (ミア?) - Miah appears to be a modern coinage first appearing in Australia during the 1990s. The name purportedly comes from an Aboriginal word meaning “moon”.

Pretty Cure

Cure Moonbeam

"The glowing moon spreading its feelings, Cure Moonbeam!"
Sono kimochi o hiroge hikari tte tsuki, Kyua Mūnbīmu!

Cure Moonbeam (キュアムーンビーム Kyua Mūnbīmu?) is Miah's Pretty Cure alter ego. She is represented by the moon. She transforms by saying Kawarunrun! Pretty Cure Kururin Mirror Change!. She uses the PreChanRing to transform while she uses the LovePreBrace to attack.

Country Pavlova

Country Pavlova (カントリー·パブロバ Kantorī Paburoba?) is one of the two form changes Cure Moonbeam can change into.

Candy Rhythm

Candy Rhythm (キャンディーリズム Kyandī Rizumu?) is one of the two form changes Cure Moonbeam can change into.



Alkira Lavendar Moonlight (アルキララベンダームーンライト Arukira Rabendā Mūnraito?, translated to Bright Lavendar Moonlight) - Cure Moonbeam's solo finisher, where she must have her LovePreBrace to perform the attack.


Moonbeam Boomerang (ムーンビームブーメラン Mūnbīmu Būmeran?) - One of Cure Moonbeam's sub-attacks.


"Kawarunrun! Pretty Cure Kururin Mirror Change!" - Kawarunrun! Pretty Cure Kururin Mirror Change! is the official transformation phrase used by Miah White in KiraKira Night Pretty Cure!.


  • Miah is the first purple Cure to not have a personality like the previous purple Cures.
  • She is the second Cure to have the power of the moon. The first was Cure Moonlight.
  • Miah is the first Pretty Cure to have an Aboriginal word in her main attack.