Moon Jeong Myeong (문정명 Moon Jeong Myeong) is a South Korean Cure. Myeong is an artist who is liked by other people in her country. She has sympathy that her country is more peaceful than in the north. She has a sense of justice, even though it isn't shown all the time, and is willing to fight any villains who come to attack. She transforms into Cure Byeolbich (キュアビエルビ Kyua Bierubi, literally Cure Starlight) and represents her country, as well as stars. She has one form change, Melona Idol (メロンアアイドル Merona Aidoru). She appears as an international Cure in True Happiness Pretty Cure!, although she does not have her own series.



Cure Byeolbich



  • Myeong's name is written in Korean, while both her alter ego and form change are written in katakana.
  • Myeong/Cure Byeolbich is the first standalone Cure (no series) on the Wiki.