Pretty Cure! Kagayaku Floral Ride! (プリキュア!カガヤク フローラル ライド! Purikyua! Kagayaku Furōraru Raido?) is Cure Heather's transformation phrase in Shining Miracle Pretty Cure. Tove needs her Heather DreamPact and her PreCards to be able to transform as well.


The Heather DreamPact opens up, and shows the reflection of Tove. Her hair turns from black to dark purple, lengthens and is put in a ponytail. She puts the first card, instead of leaping onto a PreCard, and then the other two cards overlap. She places a hand on either side of the DreamPact, and pushes them together, pushing the cards in the slider into the DreamPact. She calls the phrase, and the DreamPact shows an image of Cure Heather and starts to shine.

Tove is shown wearing a purple cloak which covers most of her body. She grabs the DreamPact, and lifts it above her head, where she shakes it once. A bunch of purple flower-shaped blobs of light appear from it, and starts to twirl around her. Her gloves and shoes are formed when several of the flower-blobs wrap around her arms and legs. Her hair accessory appear in the same way. Her earrings are formed by small purple blobs, and she lands on a big, open flower made out of the same light as the blobs of light which formed the other parts of her uniform. The flower of light closes into a bud, and then evaporates. She pulls off her cloak, and reveals the rest of her outfit. The bow on her back is formed the same way her earrings was formed, and she places the Heather DreamPact on her hip, where it shines in purple before it's bag appears around it. A final purple streak of light wraps around her left wrist, and forms her LovePreBrace. She strikes a pose, and introduces herself, and draws two streams upwards - like a pair of stalks - and then she adds small, bell-like bubbles to them. The insignia explodes outwards, and she strikes her final pose.


Cure Heather