"Buenaventura!"— Sofia Flores

Sofia Flores (フローレスソフィア Furōresu Sofia?) is a main Cure in Festival Pretty Cure!Sofia is a quiet, smart girl who enjoys decorating. She is the smartest student, and excels at her school. Sofia and Elena are best friends, and now that they're Cures together, Sofia feels she and Elena have changed but are still similar to themselves before becoming Pretty Cures. Sofia is quicker and more outgoing, of Elena. Her Cure ego is Cure Danza (キュアダンザ Kyua Danza?) and her standard theme color is yellow. She is represented by stars. Cure Danza has two form changes, the pink Macaron Waltz (マカロンワルツ Makaron Warutsu?) and the red Strawberry Tango (ストロベリータンゴ Sutoroberī Tango?).

Sofia's catchphrase is Buenaventura! (ブエナベンチュラ! Buenabenchura!?), which means Good luck! in Spanish.



Becoming Cure Danza

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Elena Bello - Elena is Sofia's best friend. People even say they could be sisters. Ever since they were 5 years old, they have been friends and have gotten along with each other. Once in a while they would have arguements, but they usually quickly make up. Sofia sometimes considers Elena as a big sister, and she wants to be like her Pretty Cure partner. They bond even more as Cure Fiesta and Cure Danza.

Chloe Flores - Chloe is Sofia's mother. Sofia loves her mother very much, and they are extremely close. They love to spend with each other. Sofia and her mother both have scrapbooks which they spend their free time working on, unless they're reading. Chloe is one of Sofia's role models.

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Flores (フローレス?) Flores is a Spanish surname from the name Floro, which is the Spanish form of the Roman word Florus that meant "flower". 

Sofia (ソフィア?) : Sofia is derived from sophia, which means "wisdom" or "skill".