Tove is one of the main cures in Shining Miracle Pretty Cure, and is the third to become a cure. She is the smartest one out of all the cures, and really stubborn. She believes in the best of everyone, and would do anything to prove that people have the ability to change for the better. She does also have a fiery side to her that she shows at times. Her alter ego is Cure Heather (キュア ヘザー Kyua Hezā?), and her theme colour is purple. She is represented by the Calluna Vulgaris. She has two form changes she can use, and they are Caramel Capella (キャラメル カペラー Kyarameru Kaperā?) and Marshmallow Melodic (マーシュマロウ メロディック Māshumarou Merodikku?).





Tove has short, straight, black hair, which she usually keeps down, since it's too short for most hairstyles. She has dark blue eyes, and is quite fair-skinned. When it comes to clothing, she does usually choose comfy over stylish clothes, and is several times during the run of the series called a "Fashion Catastrophe" behind her back by the less kind students in school. She does usually dress in natural colours.

Cure Heather

Her hair is more than double the length in her Cure form than her normal form, and also dark purple. It is put in two pigtails on each side of her head, but most of her hair is undone. She wears some kind of laurel in her hair, with two layers of pale purple, wavy fabric coming off of it. Her eyes are violet. She wears a black vest with golden trims and puffy, pale purple sleeves, along with a purple sailor collar, and she doesn't wear a choker. She wears a three-parted small fabric tie coming from the heart-brooch, and a puffy, purple skirt. She has the winglike bow on her back, and has a pair of long arm-warmers. She wears a pair of pale purple stockings, and a pair of purple ballerina shoes to that. She wears a LovePreBrace on her left arm, and her PreChanMirror in it's bag on her hip.



Pretty Cure

Cure Heather

"The flower standing for unity! Cure Heather"
ユニティのため定在花!キュア ヘザー!
Yuniti no tame tei zai hana! Kyua Hezā

Cure Heather (キュア ヘザー Kyua Hezā?) is Tove's alter ego, and her theme colour is purple. She is represented by the Calluna Vulgaris. She uses a LovePreBrace to attack, and a PreChanMirror and PreCards to transform.

Caramel Capella


Marshmallow Melodic



  • Heather Unity Shoot (ヘザー ユニティ シュート Hezā Yuniti Shūto?) - Cure Heather's first finisher. She uses her LovePreBrace.
  • Vocal Cord Dash (ボーカル コード ダッシュ Bōkaru kōdo dasshu?) - Caramel Capella's main finisher. She uses her LovePreBrace.
  • WIP - Marshmellow Melodic's main finisher. She uses her LovePreBrace.
  • Lovely Rainbow Rush (ラブリー レインボー ラッシュ Raburī Reinbō Rasshu?) - Her first group attack, and she, along with her teammates, uses the Shiny Rainbow Frame.
  • Pure Intention (ピュア インテンション Pyua Intenshon?) - Her individual attack using the power of the Shiny Rainbow Frame, in her Innocent Form.
  • Innocent Redemption (イノセント リデンプション Inosento Ridenpushon?) - Her second group attack, and she along with her teammates, uses the Shiny Rainbow Frame as well as their Innocent Rainbow Brushes. They do all need to be in their innocent forms.


Pretty Cure Kagayaku Floral Ride!"Pretty Cure Kagayaku Floral Ride! is the official transformation phrase used by Tove Lindgren in Shining Miracle Pretty Cure.


Nora Anderssen: WIP

Sara Nilsen: WIP

Linn Holmberg: WIP


Lindgren (リンドグレン?) - 'Lindgren' means 'Branch of a lime tree' [1]
Tove (トーベ?) - The Swedish name 'Tove' means 'Good' or 'Pleasing'. [2]
Cure Heather (キュア ヘザー?) - The name 'Heather' comes from one of the common names of the Calluna Vulgaris, which is 'Heather'[3]




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