Twinflower Dream Shoot (トウィンフラワー ドリーム シュート Tou~infurawā Dorīmu Shūto?) is Cure Twinflower's first finisher, which she uses the first time she transforms, in episode 1. She needs her LovePreBrace to do it.


Cure Twinflower activates her LovePreBrace by spining the rainbow button on it. This causes a wave of light to emit from it, and she claps the top of it. She draws a silouette of a Linnaea Borealis out of light, and the lines she made fill in, and she raises the symbol above her head, and it flies a bit above her. She jumps up to match, and either punches or kicks the flower silouette into the target, purifying it.



Cure Twinflower: 夢の光を聖なる力へ、ラブプリブレス!
Cure Twinflower: プリキュアトウィンフラワー ドリーム シュート!
Cure Twinflower: 夢よ、天に帰れ!


Cure Twinflower: Yume no hikari o seinaru chikara ni, RabuPuriBuresu!
Cure Twinflower: Purikyua Tou~infurawā Dorīmu Shūto!
Cure Twinflower: Yume yo, ten ni kaere!


Cure Twinflower: Light of dreams, turn into holy powers, LovePreBrace!
Cure Twinflower: Pretty Cure Twinflower Dream Shoot!
Cure Twinflower: Dreams, return to the heavens!