Twinflower Lovely Sword (トウィンフラワー ラブリー ソード Tou~infurawā Raburī Sōdo?) is one of Cure Twinflower's sub-attacks. She uses it for the first time in episode 3.


It does not have a set sequence, and it's unknown if Cure Twinflower uses either her LovePreBrace, or her Divine Violin. Most of the time, she puts her hands together, and pulls an energy-beam out of one of them with the other, which forms the sword.



Cure Twinflower: プリキュア トウィンフラワー ラブリー ソード!


Cure Twinflower: Purikyua Tou~infurawā Raburī Sōdo!


Cure Twinflower: Pretty Cure, Twinflower Lovely Sword!


  • Cure Twinflower can dual wield this attack.
    • She can also create several at a time for her to throw at the target.
      • This is similar to how Tomoe Mami can create several guns at a time for her to fire in a fast succession.
  • It is a reference to one of Cure Lovely's attacks, Lovely Rising Sword.